About CHIP

Helping House New York Since 1966

Founded in 1966, CHIP is a trade association for owners of over 400,000 rent-stabilized rental properties across New York City’s five boroughs. CHIP provides educational programming, compliance assistance, and legislative advocacy to its more than 4,000 members. CHIP supports its members in their mission to provide excellent and affordable housing, build a sense of community in their properties, and employ thousands of New Yorkers with their small businesses.

CHIP’s educational programming includes an annual seminar series, online resources, the monthly publication of the New York Housing Journal, and frequent informative email blasts. In addition to educational programs, CHIP offers a telephone helpline to answer owners’ questions about City and State agencies and to help them navigate the bureaucracy of property ownership. CHIP’s membership network also allows for the exchange of vital knowledge between property owners.

CHIP intervenes in legal proceedings where principles of concern to the industry are at stake, and it is currently developing a mentoring program to assist elected officials with helping overburdened property owners in their districts.

CHIP has been at the forefront of legislative advocacy for its members in City and State housing policy for over 50 years. It has been a leader on such diverse issues as lead paint, property taxes, water rates, and rent regulation. CHIP advocates for the rights of property owners, empowering them to make major investments in their properties and achieve financial sustainability while maintaining affordable properties.

As a representative for the owners of one-third of the City’s rent-stabilized homes, CHIP plays an invaluable role in establishing trust, good relations, and community between New York City property owners and residents. CHIP supports the property owners who make New York a better home for everyone.