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The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) is the preeminent organization supporting multi-family building owners in the City and State of New York. Since our founding in 1966, CHIP has been fighting in Albany, City Hall, courts of law, and the court of public opinion for rational and business-friendly policies related to rental housing. Today, CHIP represents the owners of more than 5,000 apartment buildings in New York. We are a nonprofit trade association, organized under IRC §501(c)(6).CHIP is a full-service support system for the housing industry. For over 20 years, we have published the monthly New York Housing Journal(formerly CHIP Advisor), the industry’s most comprehensive source of news and information. We provide members with real-time news and information through e-mail and social media. We also present eight to ten seminars a year, covering topics of immediate concern to property owners.

CHIP lobbies on behalf of our members before legislatures and executive agencies at the state, municipal, borough, and community level.

We support owners in defensive and strategic litigation, through amicus briefs, party intervention, and other forms of assistance.

Last but not least, CHIP employs social media and traditional means to publicize the facts about our industry—in the process dispelling the rampant misinformation that tends to distort the public debate over housing policy.


At any time during regular business hours, members can call or e-mail CHIP to request informed answers to their questions regarding legal, regulatory, and strategic issues that arise in the course of their daily business. Staff counsel are always on hand to guide our members through the byzantine rules and procedures imposed by the government upon owners of rent-controlled, rent-stabilized, and market-rate units. If necessary to answer a novel compliance question, we will perform research or contact the regulating agency.


With registered lobbyists on its staff and on retention as needed, CHIP is in constant communication with legislators and regulators at the state and local level, informing them of our members’ needs and complaints with respect to current and potential burdens on their businesses posed by laws, regulations, and enforcement policies. On countless occasions, bad laws, rules, and policies have been amended or averted altogether as a result of CHIP’s lobbying efforts and public testimony on behalf of the housing industry.


Primary and secondary resources, arranged by subject, to enable our members to calculate rent, appease government agencies, and provide a safe and habitable home for tenants.
Please note that laws, regulations, policies, and forms are ever-changing. Therefore, before relying upon any resource archived below, members should inquire of CHIP or their own expert counsel to verify its currency. Also be aware that internet links usually become invalid with time, and occasionally lead to resources that are not, in fact, current.

Vetted Vendors

Whatever your building needs may be, CHIP Associate Members provide a wide range of services. Click here for a list of vendors arranged by industry. Just make sure you tell them CHIP sent you!

National Affiliation

CHIP is a proud member of the National Apartment Association. Please email to find out how to access additional strategic, educational, operational, networking and advocacy resources from NAA.

CHIP lobbies on behalf of its members and supports building owners in court cases and in proceedings at administrative agencies. Join the CHIP network today and apply below.